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This book is an invitation to a journey to discover what living a life of greatness could look like. While you still have time and a future to experience, what can make the difference in your own life so that you can live a life of greatness?

Jerry Meek was only 5 years old when he started tagging along with his dad to construction job-sites. At 14, he bought a truck to start a tree trimming business. He hired an adult to drive it because he was too young. At 18, he created a carpentry business with his father.

Jerry has always loved to build. Not just construction — he has a deep passion for building relationships. It’s a skill that he’s practiced since childhood. Growing up, Jerry lived in a trailer and went to 10 different schools by his senior year of high school. Later, he had to overcome poor health and the death of a child.

Through it all, his faith in God grew. Today, that carpentry business he created with his dad is now Desert Star Construction — building luxurious residential and commercial projects for the most financially successful people in the world. Jerry is passionate about motivating people to dream big and live a life of greatness.

Jerry and his wife of thirty-eight years, Carol, reside in Cave Creek, Arizona.

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